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All you are required to bring is a current learners permit/drivers licence, your log book (if applicable) and your enthusiasm!

Firstly you will need to make sure you are eligible to book your drive test in accordance with VICRoads minimum requirements. Have you completed your 120 hours? Have you held your learners permit for the adequate time? Have you undertaken and passed the Hazard Perception test? Once you can answer yes to these questions you will need to ask yourself one more. Will I be a competent solo driver? Are you a confident low risk driver? Do you posess the skills and road rule knowledge to keep you safe on the roads? This is where we come into play. We can provide you with the training to ensure you are not only at a level of competency to pass your drive test, but that you possess the skills and confidence to keep you safe on the roads as a solo driver.

There are many reasons to choose us! We could go on and on but to narrow it down here are 5 important points:

  • The main aim of our driving school is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to keep them safe on the roads as solo drivers.
  • Our instructor is fully qualified, experienced and provides quality lessons structured to your ability and needs.
  • You will learn in a friendly, positive nurturing environment.
  • Our instructor has patience
  • Our instructor will never yell.

The benefits of going with an instructor include:

  • The car is roadworthy
  • You will have more flexibility on when you can take the test. Trying to coordinate with mum and dad can be restricting. We are available 7 days after all!
  • The testing officer will be more relaxed in a dual control car and you may feel more relaxed with them sitting behind you as opposed to right next to you.
  • The testing officer can make mistakes. Yes they are human like the rest of us! On a rare occasion it has happened and being as nervous as you are you may not pick up on them or have the confidence to dispute a decision. This is where an instructor can come in to bet for you. This can result in you continuing your test and passing or even gaining a free re-test.
  • You will have someone there to support your nerves. We can provide you with breathing techniques or knock knock jokes. Whatever it takes to keep you calm!

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